About me

My name is Kai. Since I was young, curiosity about life, the human being and my personal experiences have led me to live therapeutic processes first-hand.

At the age of 19, and after a severe personal crisis, I decided to break away from everything and travel to get to know the real world. At that time my deep connection with Nature and pain opened doors for me. So, I began to form myself into the pillars of knowledge of the mind, emotions and body. Through studies in massage, coaching and family constellations, I managed to overcome my deepest limits and develop my greatest potential.

Pain is not drama.
Pain as a teacher that brings us knowledge

and shows us the gateway to our greatest learning.

Since I was young, I have observed two qualities in myself. A great empathy and sensitivity to connect with the other. And also, a great curiosity to know the patterns and connections between the mind, emotions and the body.

I will walk with you on an inner journey of discovery.
To bring out the best of you, connecting you with your highest potential.

Inner confusion and tension, physical pain, sadness, relationships and important Issues in your life. I can accompany you step by step to realise how capable you’re to manage and transform yourself. Through these processes you will connect with your limits and fears. By living them from the heart, you can transform what used to be paralysis and pain into action. Also connect with yourself and have a full life.

This is how my personal and work experiences have led me to transform my emotional issues from the root. Issues such as fears, lack of trust, relationships and emotional alignment.

The intention is to not be in an endless loop of repetitive patterns.


······························ Thai Massage & Reflexology TYMMI’S MASSAGE TRAINING CENTER, ChangMai
······························ Shiatsu DOJO ASAI, Gerona
······························ Osteopathie HEILPRAKTIKER INSTITUT, Barcelona
······························ Coaching IESEC-HUMAN, Barcelona
······························ Family Constellations SATYARTHI WUWEI, Barcelona
······························ Systemic Facilitation ARISE, Barcelona