Connecting with your best version

Connecting with your best version

mejor versión

What if you could live day to day from your best version?

Maybe at first you feel it as a motivation and then you feel it as a death, and there is nothing more terrifying for this culture than death.

And that’s why there can be many self saboteurs inside you who feel threatened if you get to your best version (BV), because they will disappear, and they are very comfortable; so why leave the comfort zone? Or it’s possible that somewhere in you it’s something that terrifies you, and if I get it, then what?

What if I change and lose everything I have (family, friends, work…)?

And that’s why many self-saboteurs may appear and feel threatened if you reach your best version, because they will disappear, and they are very comfortable, so why leave the comfort zone?

With this exercise you will work from your presence and Present towards your Best Version, making a conscious path of your current position and what you need to let go of and what you need to take to get to the Best Version of you.

As always, to carry out this type of exercise, choose a bright and spacious place if possible. Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and feel for a couple of minutes what is going on inside you, just observe it.

You need to maintain this inner state of observation in order to carry out this exercise. This will help you to be more pragmatic in defining and expressing all the sensations, intuitions, memories, emotions, etc., which will help you to gather the necessary information for yourself.

Take a pad of post-it notes and a pen, these will help you to write down all the information that emerges. Remember to answer all the questions and write down all the important feelings and thoughts.

#1 Place yourself in the Present and feel what happens in your body.

Movements, body position, sensations of warmth, cold, tiredness, activity, etc. Pay attention also to possible thoughts or memories.

Write all this down on post-it notes.

Also pay attention to possible thoughts or memories. Write these down on a post-it.

#2 From this position now look at your Best Version (BV),

what do you feel when you are in front of your BV, what is happening in your body, what do you see in it? The look, body position, etc.

#3 Now walk the line between your Present and your VM.

Pay attention back to your body and stand in the place where you feel most comfortable for you, always looking in the direction of your BV.

You can walk the line as many times as you want, your body will show you your place.

#4 From this new position ask yourself:

What have I achieved in order to be here and not one step back?

What is holding me back from taking a step forward?

#5 Now move into position

What do I need to let go of? Write down the feeling, thought, action or habit that you can recognise in yourself.

Say out loud: Now I see you / Now I can integrate you / What are you showing/teaching me / Thank you for what you are teaching me / Now I see you as an ally. 

Say each of the phrases one by one and let yourself feel for a few seconds what happens inside you each time you say one of these phrases. It is important to do this for each of the questions and phrases I ask you.

Remember to write down what comes up on the post-it notes.

#6 Now move to the place of What do I need to take?

Is it an attitude, a training, an action…?

Say out loud: Now I see you / Now I’m ready to take you / Thank you

#7 Place yourself back in the position of step #4.

From here look around you; what you have left, what you have taken, your present and your VM. Connect with your body and sensations, have any changes occurred? Write it down

Now, could you take one more step forward? If you could not, say out loud to your VM; Now I see you/Now I am ready to come closer to you/Now I allow myself/Thank you.

#8 Keep repeating these phrases

And allow yourself to follow the movements of your body until you can get as close as possible and feel comfortable. Let your body direct you, not your desire to reach your VM.

It is important to understand that it is OK if you don’t get close, take your time, you can even stop the exercise here and allow your body to process at its own pace.

We are not here to get somewhere, we are here to allow ourselves the inner movements that our Self needs.

#9 Once you have reached the position of your MV turn to face your Present.

Observe it, what would you say to it?

#10 Finally, turn around and look ahead,

How do you feel here, what do you see being your VM, what’s in the future?

Once you have finished this exercise, collect all the information written on the post-its and write it down on a sheet of paper. In this way you will be able to keep in mind the sensations and steps you need to take to keep getting closer to your Best Version.

The systemic work helps your body and your Self to recognise, through the sensations, in which moments you feel paralysed and to process internally how to integrate them into you.

The value of this exercise lies in the internal process we have during the session and in respecting each one’s internal time to internalise all this new information in your daily life.

I hope it helps you to move towards your best version of yourself.