Partner Communication

When talking to people about problems with their partner, they define them as disconnections and difficulties with expressing what one needs. In these situations I find two dynamics useful, one is how to communicate and the other is related to one of the principles of systemic, Giving and Receiving. In communication, not only with the…
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exercicis per a l'estrès

Exercises for the stress

It is very important that you can have a daily exercises for the stress. Stress is caused by overexertion in one element or area of the body. You can feel stress on a tendon when you are overexerting yourself, which can create tendonitis. The same thing can happen to your nervous system, when you are…
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Faced with such a sensitive issue in our society I just want to express that it is not the same to be a victim of abuse as to live in victimhood. The first is an act of violence that must be denounced and treated by people specific to the subject. On the other hand, living…
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mejor versión

Connecting with your best version

What if you could live day to day from your best version? Maybe at first you feel it as a motivation and then you feel it as a death, and there is nothing more terrifying for this culture than death. And that’s why there can be many self saboteurs inside you who feel threatened if…
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Responsibility: the ability to respond

Many times I meet people who find it hard to feel comfortable with Responsibility. Many of the fears or feelings of vulnerability are related to what is understood about Responsibility in their lives. Therefore I want to share with you an exercise with which you can work on the feeling of Responsibility, both personally and…
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It is possible that when you hear about grief you connect it to the death of a loved one, but grief is an almost continuous process in your life, as you are constantly changing. And with each new change there is a grief about letting go of something old so that you can open up…
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