Have you ever noticed that life is governed by 3 systemic principles?

By observing and working with these principles you will be able to transform your beliefs and habits and at the same time heal your relationships.

1.Principle of Belonging: We all need to feel that we belong to a group or tribe, whether it be family, work or social.

2.Principle of Order: Knowing and understanding my place within a group or system.

  1. Principle of Giving and Taking: The need for balance between what I give and what I receive in relationships of partnership, family, work or friendship.

Observe these 3 systemic principles in your life.

Ask yourself whether you feel you belong to that family, partner or group; whether you are taking up the space that belongs to you or trying to take up space that is not yours; and whether you are in balance with what you are giving and receiving in each of these relationships.