Right now, we are living in a time of Pandemic that is leading us to a time of global confinement, to an inner retreat.

That is why I want to present you with Theory U, by Otto Scharmer, which I have modified in order to explain it at a therapeutic level for this moment. You can look for more information about this interesting systemic theory and be able to go deeper into it.

In this U-shaped systemic movement, we can distinguish 4 spaces: Body/Mind/Heart/Being and 7 phases from superficial to deep and again to superficial.

I find this movement very interesting to be able to go deeper into yourself, not only in this moment, but any time you want to connect with yourself.

If we connect this theory to the crisis or Change that this pandemic brings, when you start the downward movement, there is an Action-Reaction movement, where you move for survival and possibly in a state of shock. Reacting as you have usually done in times of change.

As you descend you can go into a state of Seeing, where there is a redirection of information, possibly opening up to new proposals and information.

The next level is the Feeling, where an empathic listening appears, that is to say, you no longer only notice and get trapped in your own point of view, but you open yourself up to connect emotionally to other people and even to a wider level with society.

The deepest level is that of the Presence, where the Self dwells and where new information can emerge at the sensory level to which you could not connect before. This is a moment of Presence, of being here and now, in the Essence of yourself. This is a moment of letting go of what you no longer need and of taking in the new to adapt and move forward into this moment.

From here there is an upward movement in which you need to Integrate and activate your Intention towards these new internal processes discovered in the phase of presence.

The next level is connected to Creation, not only by doing, but also by creativity, to new ways of carrying out these processes. How to connect with new attitudes that can accompany you in internal time and space.

The last level is Action, new actions and new habits that will gradually take root in your daily life.

I propose to do this exercise in your home or space and to be able to go through these changes to connect with this process that is happening at a global level and also at a personal level in this quarantine.

Walking through these spaces will help you obtain information about yourself, connecting with your personal needs and solutions and thus transforming you from your own empathy and unique capabilities.

1st STEP

Draw or create with a rope or painter’s tape, a U on the floor. Write down on paper the 4 spaces and the 7 different steps to be carried out and place them as shown in the image.

Have papers or post its where you can write the information that emerges in each step.


The work you will do based on this dynamic will be the breathing and the connection with your body. To be able to connect and deepen in every step, slow and deep breathing is the key. This breath will accompany you every step of the way as it will help you to better manage the sensations and emotions that arise.

Start with the Change and go through each of the phases until the Action as follows:

3rd STEP

Starting with the first space, Over, take time to feel what is going on in your body. It is very important that you pay attention to the internal movements, it could be in your chest, neck, stomach, legs… At first you may not feel anything, so give yourself a few minutes until you notice some movement in your body.

Stay in that sensation for a few moments, if you feel it is very intense, concentrate again on the slow and deep breathing and you will see how little by little you will be able to manage it better.


Now ask yourself what emotion is in this feeling, it can be anger, restlessness, confusion…try to name and describe it as much as possible. Then ask yourself what emotion is behind that emotion. For example, sometimes we feel anger, but if you go deeper you may realize that behind this anger there is sadness.


Once you have obtained this information ask yourself what you need to let go of and what you need to take in order to pass through this space and be able to go to the next one. Again, take your time, an emotion, a thought or a change of attitude may emerge.


Once you have answered all these questions write the answers on paper or post its and leave them in that space.


Repeat the above steps in each phase until you reach Actions.

You will see that each one is different and that your state will also change. With each step you take, a sense of depth and different states will emerge.

I would like to point out that when we arrive at the space of the Presence it is a very deep place of the Self, a place where more than being in an active state it is a passive state where to gather information and sensations in almost a meditative state.

This is a state of deep letting go, as if the internal processes of change do not “depend” on you. We are not used to these feelings of “no control”, although this is a constant in Life.

Once you have finished the exercise you will see that the changes will not only be at a mental level of understanding, if not, that working from the systemic all these changes and new information will be available throughout your being, body, mind and emotions.

Finally, try to return to the images and feelings of this exercise as if it were your daily meditation, you’ll see that little by little you will integrate these changes and responses will be given on the outside.

I hope it can help you.