Responsibility: the ability to respond

Responsibility: the ability to respond

Many times I meet people who find it hard to feel comfortable with Responsibility. Many of the fears or feelings of vulnerability are related to what is understood about Responsibility in their lives.

Therefore I want to share with you an exercise with which you can work on the feeling of Responsibility, both personally and towards other people.

Beyond an etymological or dictionary definition, we all have a definition of this word.


So the first question you can ask yourself is

How do I define the word Responsibility?

In this way you will be more aware of which words you use to define it on a mental level. Many of the answers are accompanied by a ‘Have to do’ or ‘Feel obliged to’.

The mind is connected to our emotions and our sensations so the next question is

When I pronounce my definition of responsibility where do I feel it in the body? How is this feeling?

You can try to define it in the most concrete way possible, it is expansive or constrictive, it has weight, downwards, upwards…

And, finally:

What is the emotion that this feeling evokes? Anger, joy, sadness, fear…

Some examples might be:

“When I think of Responsibility I think I have to do something, I feel it in my back and shoulders, I feel low energy and it makes me feel sad”

“Responsibility for me is feeling forced to do something I don’t always feel like doing, I feel it in my solar plexus, like a knot and this makes me feel angry and frustrated”

I encourage you to carry out this exercise and explore in yourself what your mental definition is and how it affects you on a physical and emotional level.

Once you have your own answer I encourage you to try expressing Responsibility as the Ability to Respond to any situation instead of using your definition of Responsibility.

Say out loud: I have the Ability to Respond in any situation.

And just feel it happening in your body and your emotions, what kind of feelings does this new definition evoke in you? What is the emotion that comes up?

Many times when using this other definition the body relaxes, there is a feeling of expansion and the emotion is related to joy and tranquility. This is because Responsibility is suddenly focused on a response from your own abilities.

This does not mean that you will always give the right or adequate answer to another, or even that you may not have an answer, but what is certain is that you will be able to give an answer that is aligned with yourself; and that will help you respect yourself and feel respected.

You can accompany this exercise with a systemic dynamic in which you can use papers to explore this situation of Responsibility and to obtain more information about how you manage it.

In this dynamic, as in those explained in the other articles, it is important that you have an open attitude to your bodily sensations beyond the mental definitions already acquired.

1. From the Present Self; take your consciousness to your body and sensations before the Responsibility.

2. Move to What do I need to let go of to approach Responsibility? An attitude, a way of thinking or action. See pointing out this information.

3. Move to What do I need to take to approach Responsibility? And do the same as in the previous movement.

4. Once you have the answers, place yourself in your present self again and express what you are letting go of and what you are taking and step forward. You see yourself repeating these answers, taking your time to feel what is going on in your body, until you can place yourself right in front of Responsibility. Feel what happens when you are in this position from this new attitude.

5. Finally, turn around and look straight ahead (towards Life) with this new relationship and attitude towards Responsibility.

Realize that when you create a new definition, in line with yourself, of any word, you are also generating new ways of managing and feeling in your Life.

Generate your new definitions and experience what happens when you show yourself in this new way to the situations of responsibility in your day to day life.

I hope it has helped you.