Through this process of 6 online sessions we will work on the most relevant aspects of your personal evolutionary development.

In these 6 phases you will be able to analyse and reorganize your skills and systemic limits that will help you transform your life in multiple aspects and levels.

The systemic work focused on your personal transformation is a tool through which you will be able to modify and evolve in emotional aspects, family, couple, work or friends.


Your lineage is the gateway to your greatest potential. Connecting and healing your roots and what you have inherited from both male and female will help you to observe and transform limiting strategies and personal blockages.

In this first phase we will connect with your limiting inheritance and open the door to move forward by working with your ancestors and their memories, so that you can recognize your strengths.

This first step will help you to connect with your personal power to move towards your own essence.


In this phase we will work on your fears and the limiting structures that you have been developing in your life and that have not allowed you to advance in your self-knowledge and overcome the limiting habits.

You will be able to recognize and learn to manage your relationship with the fears and strategies that you no longer need in your life, helping you to integrate internal movements that will help you advance quickly and safely.


From this phase you will work on your adaptive cycle, the way you face and manage the changes in your life. In this way you will be able to analyse and work on your personal process of resilience with yourself and your environment.

You will learn to connect with your natural cycles and feel in harmony with the external movements, both emotional and professional.


Working with your purpose will help you to feel what your own sense of being is, so you can adapt it to your way of life. You will recognize the resources you have available to put them at the service of your own needs and the environment requirements.

Living through your purpose will help you occupy and develop your inner space so that you can have a defined and resolute attitude and focus on the way you want to live your life.


Connecting and integrating your personal power is key to carrying out the aspects worked on in the previous phases. In this way you will be able to live from the best version of yourself. Applying new structures and strategies to advance towards your main objective to feel harmonize with your inner self.

When you participate your willpower, you can give your best in any aspect of your life, recognizing from where you are living internally and where you are going.


In this last phase we will sum up and consolidate the most important and essential aspects of your personal process, as well as your new structures and strategies so that they are continuous over time.

Understanding the importance of your power to sustain the new aspects of yourself and your life will help you to be able to continue your next evolutionary processes.