Systemic Therapies, the key of your wellness

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Systemic Therapies, the key of your wellness, online sessions now.
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Thai massage, reflexology, shiatsu, osteopathy.


Family constellations.

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I will walk with you on an inner journey of discovery.

To give the best of yourself, to live life from inner freedom.

I help you with systemic processes to free and transform yourself:

>Disorder and internal tension, lack of clarity in making decisions.

>Emotional pain, depression, lack of motivation and passion for life.

>Relationships, lack of understanding and communication.

The intention is change and personal transformation.
The path is awareness and action focused on change.
The goal is solution and clarity in situations of blockage,
stress, anxiety or trauma.

Through these processes you will be able to live and manage your limits and fears, so that what used to be paralysis and pain, you can transform into action and life changes.

Family constellations

Systemic process online

Workshops online

Let yourself feel your beliefs about yourself and life; personal and family relationships, partners, money, work, etc.

This is a path that will bring you transformation and awareness of how you relate to yourself and others.



Through these on-line processes you will work on the most relevant aspects for your personal evolutionary development.

These monitored processes will help you to transform your life in multiple aspects and levels.

Systemic Facilitation is a tool that will help you evolve in your work as a coach and therapist.

By joining facilitation and constellation processes you will be able to work with yourself and your clients in a direct and effective way.

In these workshops you will discover your dynamics and habits, developing the different themes and elements that appear in different situations of your daily life and we will carry out dynamics to recognize and transform them.

With this work of awareness and observation of your internal dynamics you will be able to get a new vision that will help you to face and sustain situations so that they stop being a traumatic situation and become a feeling of overcoming.

The world is changing rapidly.
Doing therapeutic and emotional work is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.


Connecting with your best version

What if you could live day to day from your best version?

Maybe at first you feel it as a motivation and then you feel it as a death, and there is nothing more terrifying for this culture than death.

And that’s why there can be many self saboteurs inside you who feel threatened if you get to your best version (BV), because they will disappear, and they are very comfortable; so why leave the comfort zone? Or it’s possible that somewhere in you it’s something that terrifies you, and if I get it, then what?


Right now, we are living in a time of Pandemic that is leading us to a time of global confinement, to an inner retreat.

That is why I want to present you with Theory U, by Otto Scharmer, which I have modified in order to explain it at a therapeutic level for this moment. You can look for more information about this interesting systemic theory and be able to go deeper into it.

In this U-shaped systemic movement, we can distinguish 4 spaces: Body/Mind/Heart/Being and 7 phases from superficial to deep and again to superficial.

I find this movement very interesting to be able to go deeper into yourself, not only in this moment, but any time you want to connect with yourself.

How to improve communication with your partner and avoid continuous misunderstandings

Over time, relationships have been changing and today we see and live the couple in a more conscious way. But the question of how to improve communication with your partner keeps recurring.

When I ask our parents’ generation (60-80 years old), most of them agree that they didn’t even think about it, they were simply brought up to fall in love, get married and have children. Everything else came with only the reference of their own parents and what they themselves perceived as children about couples.

What is the difference now?


Have you ever noticed that life is governed by 3 systemic principles?

By observing and working with these principles you will be able to transform your beliefs and habits and at the same time heal your relationships.

Exercises for the stress

It is very important that you can have a daily exercises for the stress.

Stress is caused by overexertion in one element or area of the body. You can feel stress on a tendon when you are overexerting yourself, which can create tendonitis.

The same thing can happen to your nervous system, when you are overexciting it and overloading it with thoughts and actions.

Systems and patterns of behaviour

Have you ever wondered how systems and patterns of behaviour work?

Through systemics you can learn to observe and transform the habits that lead you to repeat your behaviours in different aspects of your life.

With systemics you can learn to observe and transform the habits that lead you to repeat your behaviours in different aspects of your life.


Faced with such a sensitive issue in our society I just want to express that it is not the same to be a victim of abuse as to live in victimhood.

The first is an act of violence that must be denounced and treated by people specific to the subject. On the other hand, living in victimhood is an attitude, a more or less conscious pattern that does not have to come from direct abuse, but can be learned.

Victimhood has become the pink elephant that occupies the room of your Being and that you do not want to see. Remember that the victim is always accompanied by an Executioner and you can act from either one of the two according to the situation.

This is based on the need for recognition that leads you to act from guilt or pride. Terms that really have a great deal of depth in you.

Victimhood can be felt from sadness, immobility or anxiety; usually centered in your solar plexus.


It is possible that when you hear about grief you connect it to the death of a loved one, but grief is an almost continuous process in your life, as you are constantly changing. And with each new change there is a grief about letting go of something old so that you can open up to something new.

This is what is happening now (COVID-19), by physical deaths, in cases of people who have lost a loved one; by emotional deaths, when you realize that you are repeating emotional traumas and you are aware that you need to transform them, or by deaths of beliefs and habits, when something external occurs, as in this case, and you need to change to adapt to the new situation.

Partner Communication

When talking to people about problems with their partner, they define them as disconnections and difficulties with expressing what one needs.

In these situations I find two dynamics useful, one is how to communicate and the other is related to one of the principles of systemic, Giving and Receiving.

In communication, not only with the couple, it is important what is said and how it is said. For this I want to share with you a very interesting tool called Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg. In his book, Rosenberg calls us to three actions: Self-observation, Emerging Feelings and Personal Needs. To connect with these three actions there are three questions:

The Systemic World


In many ancient cultures, people speak of the “invisible world”, the world that is parallel to our daily reality which is not visible to our basic senses.

In this invisible world lays the systemic world, a reality that we “cannot see” with our eyes but is perceived through our body.

Our body is a biological system that has been going through continuous evolution since millions of years. Not only since the appearance of Homo sapiens neither since the first cells had been, but from that suspended stardust started to exist call it the Universe.


We are in exceptional moments, moments not lived before by humanity. But the truth and the beauty of this moment is that it makes you realize that every moment we have lived has been and is exceptional.

One of the great mistakes we have been making is to take everything for granted, every moment, every word, every gesture; living as if we already deserve things beforehand, as if everything belongs to us. Living from this continuous exceptionality makes you realize your own lies, your own vulnerabilities, your own fears.

Systemic order

It is important to have systemic order in life.

When I talk about disorder, I am not referring to those occasional moments when you may feel overwhelmed by a situation, but rather when you have a constant feeling that things are going upside down or there is general confusion.

Creating systemic order in your life may take several sessions of personal work, but here I want to provide you with a small exercise that will help you to reorder your life.

Breathing for stress, reduce tension

Breathing for stress is key to your well-being.

You may find that if you pay attention to your breathing you may notice that you often hold your breath or feel short of breath. Breathing for stress is key to your wellbeing.

In the following video you will understand how the way you breathe affects you and how to achieve that through conscious, slow and deep breathing you will be able to manage stress much better in your day to day life and reduce tension.

Responsibility: the ability to respond

Many times I meet people who find it hard to feel comfortable with Responsibility. Many of the fears or feelings of vulnerability are related to what is understood about Responsibility in their lives.

Therefore I want to share with you an exercise with which you can work on the feeling of Responsibility, both personally and towards other people.

Beyond an etymological or dictionary definition, we all have a definition of this word.