Monthly group face-to-face workshops. 10 people per group.


Family constellation work can help you if you feel that you…

  • You need to resolve relationship conflicts, whether with your family, partner, children or co-workers.
  • You find it difficult to move forward in life and your purpose.
  • You need more clarity in areas where you feel stuck, whether it be work, money or abundance.
  • Anxiety and depression are part of your day to day life.


The people who participate will be representatives of the topics to be discussed. In this way it will be much easier for you to observe yourself from the outside and understand how you relate to yourself and your environment.

Thanks to this kind of personal exploration and the experiences shared by the representatives you will be able to recognise your patterns and necessary movements in your life.

I will accompany you to:




the aspects you need to manage from the systemic principles.


Family Constellation work is a systemic therapy focused on the resolution of more or less conscious inner conflicts.

Through this methodology you will be able to observe from the outside the issues in which you feel blocked and need to find a solution.

From here we can observe and manage the relationships between elements of a family, couple, work or more abstract aspects such as money, power, or abundance or even psychosomatic aspects or illnesses.

You will be able to go beyond your limiting and repetitive beliefs in which you are stuck and don’t know how to solve.

In Constellations we do not manipulate or modify but let the necessary information emerge so that you can find the answer to your inner and outer relationships in harmony with your needs.

This is a path that will bring you transformation and awareness of how you relate to yourself and others.

Let yourself be accompanied to the extent of your limits, fears, traumas and pains.

From a secure and arranged space you will be able to open up to yourself with safety and respect.

In this article below you can find out more about the systemic principles and how they work.