Family Constellations are based on the work of systems and relationships developed by Bert Hellinger. Through this methodology we can observe those issues which we feel are blocked from an outer perspective.

In Family Constellations we do not manipulate the process but we create the space for you to find your own answer that is in harmony with what emerges from you. Transforming your beliefs of yourself; personal and family relationships, partner, money, work, etc. This is a path that will bring you transformation and awareness about how you relate to yourself and others.

The key to your well-being is the Body. This is something you have forgotten, because you live in an increasingly mental world. The body stores memories of traumas and fears, which can be released and transformed.

Your body is closely related to your thoughts and emotions. It shows you when you are open and integrating, or on the contrary, you are blocking and running away.

The relationship between body, mind and emotions means that working from one of these fields, you can transform the others.

Let yourself be accompanied to the extent of your limits, fears, traumas and pains. From a secure and arranged space you will be able to open up to yourself with safety and respect.

In this article below you can find out more about the systemic principles and how they work.