The work of Family Constellation is a systemic therapy focused on the resolution of internal or external conflicts.

From here we can observe and manage the relationships between elements of a family, couple, work or more abstract aspects such as money, power or abundance or even psychosomatic aspects such as anxiety, fear or traumas.

Through this online work I will accompany you to analyze, order and clarify the aspects that you need to manage in a systemic way, that is, beyond your limiting and repetitive beliefs in which you get stuck and do not know how to solve.

We will carry out this work through objects or papers that will represent the different elements working in your relationships and in the way you manage them in order to obtain a vision and understanding that will help you find a solution that is sustainable over time.

In the Constellations we do not manipulate or modify but we let the necessary information emerge so that you find the answer and the form that is in harmony with what you are.

This is a path that will bring you transformation and awareness of how you relate to yourself and others.