On a deep systemic level, Masculinity is related to Direction, Purpose, Authority, Structure and Logic. These basic elements of the functioning of life need to be healed and observed from a place of greater vision and awareness.

This 5-step process will work and develop Responsibility, Limiting Roles, Father, Femininity and Power. Each of these elements will help you to have a much deeper understanding of the real meaning of Masculinity and its vital function for evolution in the World.

When these 5 elements are not healed it is easy to fall into toxic relationships, lack of self-esteem and confidence, lack of inner power and direction, self-sabotage, difficulty in communication with one’s partner and emotions or psychosomatic problems.

Through dynamics and systemic exercises you will be able to address and transform the beliefs and memories that define you as a man and at the same time help you build your new masculinity from the necessary confidence and empathy.

Masculinity needs to be redefined. It is important to honor what we have learned from all our past generations in order to be open to a new understanding in this present moment.

The world is changing and so are we as humanity, it is time to give ourselves the opportunity to live a new masculinity in cooperation with femininity.



1 Responsibility: Integration

2 Limiting Roles: Relationships

3 The Father: Beliefs

4 Femininity: the Couple

5 Power: Consciousness