I offer you this methodology where Osteopathy, Shiatsu and Thai Massage are mixed to treat your body in a holistic way that will help you solve pain and physical limitation, as well as chronic pathologies.

I help you to solve your problems of:
>Muscular and postural pains
>Structural and bone balance
>Body and digestive pathologies
>Anxiety, stress

Osteopathy works with the musculature, the bone structure and the internal tissue of the fascias. This work accompanies and helps to rebalance your body in all its structure.

Shiatsu, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps with muscle and visceral relaxation, helping to understand the connection between body, mind and emotions.

Thai Massage reactivates your body’s musculature and flexibility.

The body is the vehicle through which we experience life. If the body is not healthy or balanced, various pathologies, diseases and physical limitations will appear.

There are various pathologies resulting from both mechanical and psychosomatic problems. There can be mechanical problems and ailments derived from accidents and bad posture, but they can also appear from the management of your emotions and stress.

Massage and manual work with the body is a tool that has been used since ancient times. Already our ancestors studied and developed various methodologies and techniques to improve the health and well-being of people.