The systemic fields are developed under 3 basic principles: Belonging, Order and Giving and Receiving.

These three guides show us the correlation between the different elements of each system. If these principles are altered or blocked, it is when sensations such as depression, discomfort, confusion or malaltia appear in your life.

In these three modules you will be able to analyse and work on these fundamental principles and become aware of how they affect your daily life and personal relationships. You will develop techniques and systems that are useful and easy to apply to your daily situation and concerns.


The lack of belonging is associated with feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation and lack of purpose.

To feel that you have been seen, to feel that you are part of it, is essential to your life. You belong to a family, a group of friends, a peer system or a company. Feeling part of these and other systems is essential to your survival as a human being, since you are an emotional and social being.

The work of this first module will focus on the connection and relevance of your needs and your basic human relationships. To reconnect with them is to reconnect with the essential energies of Life.


Not being connected with the principle of Order is associated with the triangle Victim-Executioner-Savior, the confusion and the internal judgement. When you are disordered, you can stand over or under other people, creating toxic relationships of judges and comparisons.

Feeling ordered helps to clarify your thoughts and actions, as well as your relationships with others.


An imbalance in this principle can lead to a lack of empathy, emotional confusion and poor management in your close relationships, especially with your partner.

As social beings we seek equality. To feel that you are not Giving and Receiving in the same way in your relationships would make you feel exhausted to give or selfish to exceed.

The work of this 3rd module is based on recognizing the Power on relationships and reestablishing the balance between your needs and your abilities.