Systemic Facilitation is a tool that will help you evolve in your work as a coach and therapist.

By joining facilitation and systemic processes you will be able to work with yourself and your clients in a direct and effective way.

Through this method I will accompany you to work from a broader vision and thus to specify the root of the limiting processes of your clients.

The systemic facilitation work connects the mental process with the body movement, interlacing new responses through emotions and sensations. This path deepens personal transformation and development by providing a more complete and meaningful understanding.

Through 4 phases you can start to develop and work from a new and deeper space, opening yourself and your client to a range of new processes.

  1. RESPONS-HABILITY; From where.

Develop the work from your own centre, create your processes from a clear intention focused on a resolution. Connect the mental information with the body, the emotions and sensations so that the transformation is deep.

In this first phase we will work with a dynamic to break the process of duality of the mind and thus connect you with the answers focused within you, your real needs and decisions respecting yourself.

Discover that your decisions do not come from a list of likes and dislikes, but from a place in your being where you are not divided, where you can open up all possibilities.

«The teacher said to the student, ‘Jump into the void,’ and the student answered, ‘But I am afraid, teacher. To which the teacher replied, «Then jump with fear.»

  1. RESILIENCE; work with the transformations.

Understanding how to deepening personal transformations in time. To create internal resilience to develop the changes and cross the limits.

Change is an attitude, it is a decision making, postponing is limiting, if you don’t decide today you will have to do it tomorrow. Once you learn to decide you will wonder why it ever took you so long.

In this phase discover and transform your limiting beliefs about change, what makes you procrastinate your decision making and how to overcome your fears of the eternal cycle of change.

«Why don’t you decide today? Do you think you will be wiser tomorrow than today? Do you think you will have more energy tomorrow than today? Do you think you will be younger tomorrow than today? Tomorrow you’ll be older, you’ll have less courage, tomorrow death will be closer.»

  1. WILLPOWER; working with conflict.

Understand the tensions of internal movements of expansion and retraction. Discover how to move between Chaos and Order to create new structures.

Free yourself from the burdens of what you should be instead of being what you really feel you are. This step leads you to a light walk, to a clarity of your next steps with the freedom you deserve.

In this third phase rediscover who you are, not what you think you should be because of what you were told or thought you should be. Making your decisions from your essence gives you clarity, otherwise it will only create more confusion.

«Mastery is a matter of being, not becoming.»

  1. SYSTEMIC SPACES; work with systemic tools and designs.

Develop your own designs taking into account the issue that needs to be addressed. Connect your information as a professional with the intuition of the systemic process.

Systemic is the new language; life is based on the relationship between systems and your ability to sustain and manage these relationships.

In this last phase, develop your capacity for silence and empathy, so that you can hear the real needs of your clients and understand what is behind them. It is not about having an answer or a technique for everything, it is about designing together with the client his own solution.

«True existence is not based on belief, it’s based on the metamorphosis of letting go to feel what’s right.»


#I share this process with you so that you can get the best out of your own skills and practices and bring them together organically to develop systemic processes.

#It is a way of adding up, not competing between knowledge, but completing your different wisdoms.

#Discover the best way to share and co-create systemic processes with your clients, supporting their needs and crossing their own boundaries.

«The goal is to connect with your deepest and most intimate self.»