PURPOSE: Systemic dynamics based on IKIGAI

Ikigai is a Japanese concept for finding “your meaning in life”. To find the purpose in your life.

But what is having a purpose in life? We can confuse life purpose with the work I should do to earn a living, or what I should do for others. But life purpose is beyond that. The purpose is the blending of your Passion, your Mission, your Vocation and your Profession.

That is, what you Love, what you are Good at, what the World needs and what you could be paid for.

If your actions and work are not motivated by passion and inner meaning, they will lose interest and strength over time. They become monotonous, meaningless or with a very basic sense of survival. This eventually creates a sense of emptiness and helplessness, becoming flat life when it should be full.

At the same time, if you are only moved by a passion to do things, but have no structure or social need, it may only become a hobby. Your passion needs to have an impact on other people and at the same time an economic component that provides you with a daily sustenance.

All these concepts need to be developed and connected to each other so that you can live a life with meaning and purpose.

I invite you to explore and move on this concept of purpose through a systemic exercise in which, beyond being based on mental work. You will be able to experience the true meaning of each of the elements and steps necessary to live your life from your own purpose.

Through systemic work you will be able to inhabit the sensations, emotions, thoughts and actions that will help you transform your limiting patterns and connect with your resources.

I will accompany you step by step respecting your internal timing and limits, and I will invite you to go beyond your fears and doubts.

1st phase

We will talk and assess your needs and your present moment.

We will share how we will work on the systemic exercises and how to manage everything that emerges on an emotional, physical and mental level.

We will explore the general concepts of Ikigai and investigate the first steps and elements of the process.

2nd phase

We will recapitulate the previous information, as well as the changes generated in the first phase.

We will continue exploring and walking the deepest elements until we reach your purpose and how to internalize and maintain these concepts to use them in your daily day basis.

3rd phase

We will design a strategic plan over time based on your purpose. We will create the necessary steps so that your meaning of life is present in all aspects of your life path.

Through this method of work you will be able to transform your most deeply rooted dynamics and habits and thus live your life with meaning. Giving a new meaning to your PURPOSE.