Systemic Therapies, the key of your wellness

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Systemic Therapies, the key of your wellness, online sessions now.
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Thai massage, reflexology, shiatsu, osteopathy.


Family constellations.

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I will walk with you on an inner journey of discovery.

To give the best of yourself, to live life from inner freedom.

I help you with systemic processes to free and transform yourself:

>Disorder and internal tension, lack of clarity in making decisions.

>Emotional pain, depression, lack of motivation and passion for life.

>Relationships, lack of understanding and communication.

The intention is change and personal transformation.
The path is awareness and action focused on change.
The goal is solution and clarity in situations of blockage,
stress, anxiety or trauma.

Through these processes you will be able to live and manage your limits and fears, so that what used to be paralysis and pain, you can transform into action and life changes.

Family constellations

Systemic process online

Workshops online

Let yourself feel your beliefs about yourself and life; personal and family relationships, partners, money, work, etc.

This is a path that will bring you transformation and awareness of how you relate to yourself and others.



Through these on-line processes you will work on the most relevant aspects for your personal evolutionary development.

These monitored processes will help you to transform your life in multiple aspects and levels.

Systemic Facilitation is a tool that will help you evolve in your work as a coach and therapist.

By joining facilitation and constellation processes you will be able to work with yourself and your clients in a direct and effective way.

In these workshops you will discover your dynamics and habits, developing the different themes and elements that appear in different situations of your daily life and we will carry out dynamics to recognize and transform them.

With this work of awareness and observation of your internal dynamics you will be able to get a new vision that will help you to face and sustain situations so that they stop being a traumatic situation and become a feeling of overcoming.

The world is changing rapidly.
Doing therapeutic and emotional work is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.


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